Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bremen- Blick über die Neustadt by Reinhard Niepage


Old pump Station in Bremen

The old pump station was the key to proper wastewater treatment. In the 19th century cholera haunted Europe and other places where many people lived. These pumps took care that wastewater and point where they took the drinking water were separate....

Now the pump station is a museum run by volunteers. Artists can perform on a theater stage with a perfect sound and light system. This sketch I did before the show of Alvaro Solar started.

Ink and watercolor on paper

Old Pump station in Bremen

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sunday evening in the Restaurant Theatro

Sunday evening in the Restaurant Theatro

Today we visited the Sunday Restaurant Theatro and had a cappucino. It is named after the Theater in Bremen and is located in the first floor.

The unusual excellent weather still suprises me. Sunday evenings sometimes feel strange to me as the weekend slowly fades away and my mind starts to think about the next days.
But today we celebrated the day with a huge waffle with cherries and cream on top.....delicious.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sielwall Bremen 2011

Sielwall Bremen 2011, originally uploaded by manfred schloesser.

Saturday, 12 November2011: Today seemed to be a perfect day for sketching, blue crisp sky but cold. For Bremen the typical weather in November is rainy and cold and dark, this can make you depressive. This year November and October were unusually dry and warm.
I was sitting with an espresso in the coffee bar just on the famous Sielwall intersection. The coffee grinder was grinding for 20 minutes making a sound as if a cat was inside. The music coming from the loudspeakers gave the background drums and two girls were happily chatting some details of their life as I tried to do this sketch.

Just to give you an impression