Monday, July 12, 2010

Beach people in Binz, Ruegen island

Beach people in Binz, Ruegen island

The baltic sea resort Binz is located on the southeastern part of Ruegen. First mentioned in the 14th century as a fishermen´s village it is nowadays the largest beach resort. In the 1980s the beach was frequented by nudists. Now manners have changed a lot.

We were on a sailing trip around Ruegen and visited many interesting places on this island.
I sketched the people as they were passing by. In the background the white cliffs of Ruegen are visible.

My recommendation for reading:
In the beginning of the 20th century the New Zealand born writer Elizabeth von Arnim wrote her famous book " The Adventures of Elizabeth in Rugen". first published in 1904 by Macmillan.

Ink on moleskine
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